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We are a team of experienced telephony guys providing for the last 20 years working solutions to complex and large telephony projects for Small / Medium and Large Companies all around the globe.

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Thinkvoip services

We provide complete and working solutions, on standalone voip telephony platforms or interconnections with traditional PBX's and multisited companies.

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24/7 Support

We can provide 24x7 support contract and high availability clustered platforms minimizing the risk of a any possible disaster event. Just a phone call away or an broadcasted automated event.


Remote Installation

We have recently started our new support functionality to remote install / troubleshoot / and develop applications over Asterisk opensource VOIP PBX. You can hire us and let us do the hard work for you. With a small description of your needs and a secure remote access over SSH protocol we can deliver a stable and reliable PBX system for your company. We accept payments via PayPal Accounts and we promise to deliver as fast as we can.


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