Call Center Software in Action

Our unified solution includes key software technologies that call centers need most.Also Predictive Dialing and other dialer modes, Inbound contact management and ACD, Self Service IVR software, CTI for intelligent screen pops, Digital Recording, Multi-channel contact including email, Web and Fax, and VoIP Support. Our Call Center Suite delivers:

Productivity and efficiency.
Better management and control over our full WEB environment
Easy integration with traditional PBX's.
Full Cloud / Virtual Support.

Reasons to use our solution

Highly Configurable

We can adjust call Volume Ratio, Number of rings before hangup, CPS - Calls Per Second - even automatic attendant routing can be modified with a single supervisor click.

Start Producing the same day

We guarantee that you can start your own campaigns within a day. Our "out of the box configuration" covers all of your initial needs. From campaign configuration to complex reports and graphs

Friendly Interface

Everything is WEB Based. Smart GUI for Administrators, Managers and Agents. You can even use our smart WEB Phone, so there is no need to install anything. Deploy large call center sites and promote remote users within minutes

24x7 Support

We can provide 24x7 support and high availability clustered platforms minimizing the risk of any possible event. Just a phone call or an email away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special Hardware?

No. Everything can be installed in one Small Server or in your Cloud Provider. Even your phone devices can be software based with no extra cost. If you want to proceed with our Full Cloud Service, please send a request here.

What about a CRM Software?

You don't need any third party application. Our platform has an already CRM application embedded that can handle your businesses logic and reporting needs. Although, if you have your CRM already installed we can provide additional integration services.

I am not sure what kind / technology of phone lines I need. And what about voice quality ?

We support all the known telephony provider technologies. From Analog lines , BRI's, PRI's and of course SIP Protocol. We fully stress test and audit our system before we deliver it to our end users in order for everything to work smoothly at your new platform.

Can you customize our campaigns for us?

Yes we can. We are a highly experienced team of CTI and IT Professionals, that provide for the last 20 years working solutions to complex and large telephony projects for S.M.E globaly. Feel free to describe your vision here and we will have a full working solution for you, within a day.

Small, medium and large companies are already using our services and/or installed our products. We deliver complete and complex communication applications around the globe. Feel free to contact us for more info...

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