SIP trunking is a system that maintains multimedia communications such as phone or video calls via the Internet.

A SIP trunk provider is a business that brings SIP trunking and other VoIP services to customers. Unlike traditional analog phone systems, SIP providers are able to combine data and voice connections into one single line.

A SIP system uses an onsite PBX in order to route calls. Limitless calls between office extensions are then available once a hosted PBX system is set up in office. The PBX also synchronizes the two systems to provide an efficient and inexpensive telephony service.

The biggest benefit of our SIP service is the inexpensive external calls. SIP trunking has many other benefits too, including: consolidated extensions, caller ID, increased reliability, local and long distance.

We provide an affordable SIP Trunking Service to Greece and Worldwide, smoothly integrated with our CallCenter / PBX platform.

From a single call to callcenter mass telephony trunks

We provide excellent quality voice communications with crystal clean tariffs. Every call is described in details, together with the appropriate costs.

Fell free to request your credentials and try out our white label SIP trunking platform.