Our unified solution includes key software technologies that call centers need most. Also Predictive Dialing and other dialer modes, Inbound contact management and ACD, Self Service IVR software, CTI for intelligent screen pops, Digital Recording, Multi-channel contact including email, Web and Fax, and VoIP Support. Our Call Center Suite delivers:

  • Outbound, Inbound, and blended call handling abilities

  • Automated broadcasting voice messages with survey IVR scripts

  • Easily scalable to allow hundreds of working agent seats

  • Full call recording capabilities

  • Answering Machine / Human voice detection

  • Easy integration with traditional PBX's

  • Full Cloud / Virtual Support.

Everything is on the WEB

You don't have to install nothing to your agent working station. Just a web browser and you are ready to go. That means that you can handle local or remote agents exactly the same. From super-visioning their phone sets, recording the voice conversations, and more ...

Some words from our customers

"We have been working with your Call Center solution, for the last 6 months. Within a week all the components were "alive" and we managed to multiple our sellings sooner than we excepted. Love the friendly GUI and all the support we've got from your tech guys. Nikos G."
"Automated Call Functionality. We are using your solution for just broadcasting voice messages to our customers and I could not believe the amount of potential customers we have gathered within the first day. Thanks for the support"

Cloud Based Installation. Local or Remote

The complete solution can be installed to your infrastructure or at the cloud. High performance servers can handle your telephony projects, boosting your performance and minimizing your initial costs

All your communication will remain secure via crypt modules and unique identification procedures. No one will use your installation, but you and your agents.