Stop using dedicated FAX lines and try out our virtual FAX server. Unlimited concurrent lines and smart routing to all your departments, and employees. All your incoming FAX's will be delivered to desired email addresses as PDF attachments via a slick but powerful web interface

Create mass FAX lists and promote your notification pages to your recipients, without even going to the FAX machine. Everything can be controlled over WEB pages, your tablet or even your smartphone.

Get notifications on deliverable status and automatically print only the FAX pages you really want.

Fax2email / Print2Fax

You can adjust your FAX server redirect all the inbound FAX calls to a single or a group of email recipients. Per phone number or globally.

Our FAX server can handle email procedures via our internal SMTP process or relay with your SMTP provider (GMAIL/ YAHOO / HOTMAIL / etc).

Our FAX server include:

* Internal Storage via DB Blob
* Secure and Private Module
* Mass Fax Lists
* Block Lists and Antispam Functionality
* Smart OCR with high recognition accuracy
* Local, VM or cloud installation