Our Voice Recording solution offers explicit functionality to traditional PBX's or modern solution. It creates voice-files for each communication (inbound or outbound calls) and stores them at an internal access server or even your external HDD drive for future usage. Due to GDPR regulation (as from May 2018) we can even provide encrypted output sound file that can only be handled by authorized personnel.

Our platform includes a full funcioning WEB Page, with search capabilities and even Playback functionalities. With the correct credentials the administrator can playback the desired voice files or even download them to his internal Access working station

The voice files can be stored as .RAW data, .WAV files or even compressed and encrypted .MP3 files. It's up to you to decide your playback environment. Our archiving solution can handle million of voice files withing its internal drive space as it only needs approximately 1Mb per 5 minutes of communication

Voice Recording Platform